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We make friends by accident.

Before Your Visit

Auto Works Collision Center understands the frame of mind you may be in after an accident. Who do I call? What do I do? What’s next?

The following tips are provided to educate and inform you about how you might handle a claim.

Always Report an Accident to the Police

Regardless of how minor it seem, you should report your accident to the police. What looks like a small dent or scratch could actually cost you several hundred dollars to repair.

Drivers’ Information-Exchange Form

Make sure the police officer gives you a copy of the drivers’ information-exchange form.

Names, Addresses, & Phone Numbers

Write down names, addresses and phone numbers of any witnesses in case you need them later.

Call Your Insurance Agent Immediately

Call your insurance agent immediately for further instructions. The insurer may deny payment of your claim if you do not report the accident.

Include All Information

Make sure that you include all information on your insurance application. If you withheld information which would have caused the insurance company to deny coverage originally, they may void your policy from its effective date and refuse to pay a claim.

Adjuster Inspection

Your insurance company may send an adjuster to inspect your automobile before you obtain any necessary repairs or they may instruct you to obtain a specified number of estimates for the work. Find out from your insurance company what to do about supplemental damage in case the repair shop finds something caused by the accident, but not on the original estimate.

Agree to Pay

Make sure that your insurance company agrees to pay before you start any repairs.

Check All Repairs

Review all repairs afterwards. Check them at the shop and then again at home.

Copy of Itemized Repairs

Get a copy of the itemized repairs on a form printed with the repair shop’s name and address.

Choosing Your Repair Shop

You may choose which repair shop you want to fix your vehicle after an accident, unless otherwise stated in the policy. Some companies require policyholders to use auto-repair shops approved by the company. These companies usually offer a premium discount in exchange for your agreement to this provision.


Please contact us! We’d be happy to answer any further questions you may have.